International Working Dog Conference

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April 2 - April 6 2017 - Banff, Alberta Canada

Sponsored by

Royal Canin

Conference Keynote Speakers

  • Brad Gillespie

    Brad Gillespie

    Brad Gillespie has nearly 20 years of diverse operational experience in the working dog world. This includes 17 years as a police/military canine handler and trainer. Brad is the Ontario director of the Canadian Police Canine Association and has been certified as a Master Trainer by this...

  • Professor Claire Wade

    Professor Claire Wade

    Professor, Chair computational biology and animal genetics.

    Claire Wade began her career in quantitative genetics before making the leap to genomics in 2002 when she began a position with the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The...

  • Dr. Gregory Berns

    Dr. Gregory Berns MD PhD.

    Dr. Berns is the Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics at Emory University, where he directs the Facility for Education and Research in Neuroscience and the Center for Neuropolicy.


    Dr. Berns will lead the Early Development/Experience stream of the conference with a...

  • Dr. Reynolds IWDC 2017 Banff

    Dr. Arleigh Reynolds DVM, PhD, D.A.C.V.N

    Associate Professor of Veterinary Nutrition, and Associate Dean, Department of Veterinary Medicine University of Alaska Fairbanks. Dr. Reynolds will lead the Training stream of the conference with a presentation related to " Nutrition for Performance (both Basic and Advanced). He has also agreed...

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