Conference Speakers

  • Clint George

    20 years of various assignments within United States Army Special Operations.  Deployed 8 times to Afghanistan and Iraq and over 20 shorter missions to Africa. Diplomat in College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine. Currently a Radiology Resident at University of Georgia. What’s important, my family of 7, Mindy (wife) and 5 children.

  • Allen Goldblatt

    I received my Ph.D. from the department of Biology at the University of Oregon. My thesis was some effects of early olfactory experience on later behavior in rodents.  Since that time I have be involved in research on olfaction.  Since moving to Israel in 1974 I have been doing research on olfaction and animal behavior including experiments on variables influencing explosives detection by dogs. I recently retired and am now chief scientist for Innovisec Solutions Ltd, a division of ICTS-Europe.

  • Dr. Sean McPeck

    Dr. Sean McPeck has worked his way through various leadership positions since enlisting in 1996, both Active Duty, National Guard, Enlisted, and as an Officer. Dr. McPeck Served as a Sniper Team Leader and as a Veterinarian while with the United States Special Operations Command. While pursuing both his Biology Degree and his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University, Sean continued his service in both LRSD and National Guard Special Forces units.

    He has held positions as a State Department military contractor, working in remote, austere, environments in Africa. Sean has had multiple combat deployments to Afghanistan, totaling over 18 months in combat theaters of operation. While deployed, Dr. McPeck provided point of care veterinary support, while on target, during Direct Action operations on high value enemy combatants.

    As a Special Operations Veterinarian, Dr. McPeck authored and implemented the first Comprehensive Canine Conditioning Program, which is currently still being utilized by multiple SOCOM units.

  • Erik Wilsson

    Erik Wilsson earned his PhD in Ethology at Stockholm University 1997. He has been a director at the former Swedish Dog Trainings center and the Swedish Dog Training academy. Since 2005 he holds a position as program manager in the Swedish Armed Forces, having an annual production of 250 GSD puppies. His main scientific interests are related to behavioral development and temperament testing in working dogs. He has been a IWDBA board member since 2011.


  • Taryn M. Graham

    Taryn M. Graham is a PhD Candidate in Population and Public Health at the University of Calgary. Her research looks into the challenges and opportunities that Canadian cities face when it comes to sharing spaces with dogs. She is the founder of PAWSitive Leadership, a humane
    education program that uses dog‑related research to teach compassion to kids. She also has experience training service dogs for children with Autism.

  • Joelle Alcaidinho

    Joelle Alcaidinho is a PhD candidate in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on addressing the information asymmetry between humans and dogs through ubiquitous computing technologies.  She is a founding member of the Animal-Computer Interaction Lab at Georgia Tech and a recipient of the 2015 Intel PhD Fellowship and 2016 SRC Graduate Fellowship. Prior to returning to academia, she worked with a variety of tech startups, as well as both large and small educational institutions and retail organizations.  She is co-advised by Dr. Gregory Abowd and Dr Melody Jackson and is a member of the Ubiquitous Computing and ACI Lab at Georgia Tech.