11th international working dog conference, Stockholm, Sweden

Conference Keynote and Invited Speakers

  • Using behavioural tests for the assessment of personality in dogs

    Kenth Svartberg PhD.

    Kenth reached his PhD in Zoology at the Stockholm University in 2003 with his thesis on dog personality, which was based on his studies on individual differences in dogs’ test behaviour. After that, he worked at the Swedish University of Agricultural...

  • Canine temperament – assessment and heritability: Temperament and EBVs

    Professor Erling Strandberg


  • Testing dogs for behaviour in Sweden - from phenotypic screening of German shepherds for suitability to be trained for military service to molecular genetics of behavioural variations in almost any dog

    Åke Hedhammar DVM, M Sc, PhD.

    Åke Hedhammar DVM, M Sc, PhD is senior Professor in Internal Medicine – Small Animals and Dipl. in Internal Medicine –CA. His research is on the epidemiology and genomics of spontaneously occurring complex traits in dogs (diseases and...

  • Statistics for working dogs – how do you know if your test/assessments are better than a coin toss?

    Arthur E. Dunham PhD.

    Arthur Dunham, PhD, is Professor of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, where his focus is biostatistics, artificial neural networks, population level modeling for environmental and performance outcomes, and individual based models.  His...

  • Improving the performance and health of all working dogs through large-scale, collaborative genetics

    Professor Elinor Karlsson

    Professor Karlsson is a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and director of Vertebrate Genomics at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Her research uses ancient signals of evolution to find DNA changes that affect...

  • Genetic approaches to behavioral concerns in working dogs and family owned dogs

    Professor Frode Lingaas, DVM, PhD,

    Professor Lingaas is head of...

  • Odour generalisation - theory and practice

    Adee Schoon Ph.D

    Adee Schoon began her work with police human scent dogs in the Netherlands in 1991 and obtained her PhD in 1997. Since then, her work has included research projects in explosive, drug, human remains, corrosion, cancer and wildlife detection, puppy...

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