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IWDC 2019 Presentation Proposal Form Information and Instructions

Welcome to the presentation proposal form for the 11th International Working Dog Conference (IWDC 2019), to be held September 1-5 2019.  Completing this form does not commit us to accept your presentation proposal, but is your statement of interest.  The IWDC 2019 program committee will contact you to provide you more information when we receive your proposal.

Guidelines for speakers (Download here)

Thanks for your interest - we look forward to receiving your proposal!


IWDC 2019 Scientific Committee

Please be as complete as possible for the single individual who will be the point of contact for this bid.
Please be as complete as possible for the single individual who will be the point of contact for this bid.
Please add your international call prefix.
You may include any comments that you feel may help the program committee better evaluate your presentation proposal.

Presentation proposal

Call for Papers is open through May 1st, 2019

All abstracts for accepted non-commercial posters and presentations will be published in Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, the official journal of the IWDBA.

If authors do not wish their abstracts to be published they should inform the scientific committee by commenting in the comments section of the online submission form.

Please list the first name and surname of each author for your presentation.  Separate each author name from the next name with a comma and single space.  You may enter the name of the presenter here if the person filling out the form will NOT be the presenter, and you may leave this field blank if you are the presenter.
Affiliations and addresses for all authors are to be included. Addresses should include city, state/ canton/province and country.
italicized, and should be followed by author’s email address and phone number.
Please enter the proposed title for your presentation.
Please enter a list of keywords that help identify the content of your proposed presentation (e.g. breeding program management, military working dog, ...).
Enter a summary of your proposed presentation in abstract format. Limit your summary to 150 words.
Select: - Short spoken presentation (15 minutes; 3 minutes reserved for questions) - Long spoken presentation (30 minutes; 5 minutes for questions) - Standard research poster session - Commercial research poster session
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