Semen quality as a predictor of health and physical performance in working dogs

The relationship between fertility and health is complex. Environmental, hereditary and individual factors may impact both. The living conditions of males play a significant role in spermatogenesis and hormonal metabolism disorders. Recent studies demonstrate higher risk of death in men with impaired semen parameters. The importance of heat shock proteins (HSPs) in spermatogenesis had been described in humans. However, the veterinary literature lacks data regarding the association between semen quality, canine health, and HSPs, which can be extremely important in working dogs. The objective of the current study was to determine the relationship between semen quality, seminal HSPs level and current health status in a cohort of working dogs. Dogs enrolled in this study were subdivided into three groups based on their training regime. Data analyses include: general physical examination, serum biochemistry, urinalysis, reproductive system ultrasonography, full semen analysis and seminal HSPs analyses. Results will be presented at the conference.

Authors: Smadar Tal, Yaron Bruchim, Tal Raz